Maitree Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price of Dhaka to Kolkata: Maitree express is the first modern international train service which runs from Dhaka to Kolkata. The word mattress means friendship in Bengali. It is the symbol of friendship between the two countries, India and Bangladesh. As these two countries are situated alongside so the people of these two countries usually travel to these countries for many purposes.

But Air was the only way to travel from Bangladesh to India. After that, bus service was introduced between two countries. Because of the lacking of available transports, most of the time it was not comfortable to the middle and lower-class people. After inaugurating this train service, people feel free to travel in Bangladesh to India and reversely India to Bangladesh.

Maitree Express Train
Maitree Express Train

From Bangladesh usually, most of the people travel to India for treatments, educational purposes or for any kind of business. Most of them seem to become afraid or anxious to travel by air. After being available of this train people from both countries are very happy. So now let’s talk about the Maitree express train schedule, train facilities, train ticket price and ticket booking system.

Kolkata to Dhaka train route:

Kolkata to Dhaka train route is the interlinking way between Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh and the West Bengal of India.  This train route existed before the partition of India and Bangladesh in 1947. In 2008 this train route is re-established after 47 years. This train service is opened on 14th April 2008 on the occasion of Bengali new year. The total distance is 375 kilometres from Dhaka to Kolkata.

The Maitree express is available for six days of a week. There are two stoppages for immigration checking. One is Darshana in Bangladesh side and the other is Gede which is in India, these train cross two rivers in the journey. One is the Padma river and the other is the Jamuna river. To cross these two rivers, it crosses Hardinge Bridge over the Padma river and the Bangabandhu bridge over the Jamuna river. It takes almost 9-10 hours to complete the journey.

Number of the train:

This train express followed different train number for travelling from Dhaka to Kolkata and Kolkata to Dhaka. There are four number of trains are available on this route. They are as follows:

Bangladesh Railway Rake:

  • From Dhaka to Kolkata – 3107
  • From Kolkata to Dhaka – 3108

Indian Railway Rake:

  • From Kolkata to Dhaka – 3109
  • From Dhaka to Kolkata – 3110

Maitree Express Off Day and Destination

Maitree Express runs six days of the week. Thursday is considered a holiday of this train service. It is available from Friday to Wednesday.

On Friday BR Rake 3107 run from Dhaka to Kolkata in the meanwhile IR Rake 3109 run from Kolkata to Dhaka on the same day. BR Rake 3108 travel from Kolkata to Dhaka on Saturday and Monday.

While BR Rake 3107 travel from Dhaka to Kolkata on Sunday. Again, IR Rake 3109 run from Kolkata to Dhaka on Tuesday and IR Rake 3110 run from Dhaka to Kolkata on Saturday and Wednesday. So, it is seen that on Sunday only one train runs from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Train Number From Dhaka Day
Friday 13107/BR Dhaka Kolkata
Saturday 13108/BR Kolkata Dhaka
Sunday 13109/IR Kolkata Dhaka
Monday 13110/IR Dhaka Kolkata
Tuesday 13109/IR Kolkata Dhaka
Wednesday 13110/IR Dhaka Kolkata
Thursday —– —– —–

Maitree express train schedule:

Maitree Express Train Schedule
Maitree Express Train Schedule

Maitree express train stars its journey from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station. The last destination is the Kolkata railway station. Between this two-railway station, this train stops also on two stoppages. One is Darshana of Bangladesh and Gede of India. In these two places, this train stops for custom and immigration purposes. From Dhaka railway station it starts its journey from 08.15 AM in the morning. It arrives in Kolkata at 06.10 PM in the evening. Let’s see the Maitree express train schedule. This schedule is made by the following updates of Bangladesh railways 1st March 2017 notice.

Departure Station Arrival Time
13:50 (BST) 14:50(BST) 14:20( IST) DARSANA 12:35 (BST) 11:35 (BST) 11:05 (IST)
15:00 (BST) 14:30 (IST) 16:00 (IST) GEDE 10:55 (IST) 09:25 (IST)
18:10 (IST) KOLKATA 07:10 (IST)

Maitree express train ticket price:

From 15th April 2017 all coaches have been turned to air conditioned. Now there no normal cabin or coach in this train. The most important notice about Maitree express train ticket price that for children 50% will be charged up to the age of 5 years from total fare. 500 BDT have to be paid at first when book tickets. Rather all 15% Vat is applicable for travelling by this train. See the ticket price from the following chart:

Composition of the Maitree Express train:

The total capacity of maitree express train’s is 456. Total number of coaches is 10. In the both Bangladesh railway and Indian railway train has AC First class and AC first class cabin facility. See the full system of this train.

Fare for trolleys and luggage in Maitree Express:

Hand trolleys are free from charge at Darshana railway station. Below 35 kg is decided for free allowance for a full fare passenger. On that case for children it is below 20 kg for all class passengers. For full fare ticket 2 USD will be charged for per kg up to 50 kg. If the weight is more than 50 kg than 10 USD will be charged for per kg on each excess kg. on child ticket 2 USD will be charged up to 35- 50 kg and 10 USD for more than 50 kg on each excess kg.

Catering services of Maitree Express Train

A pantry car will be belonged in every coach to provide catering services on the payment basis to the passengers. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) provides catering services between two railway stoppages. One is Kolkata and the other is Gede. On the other side, Bangladesh railway provides catering services between Darshana and Dhaka in both directions.

How to book a ticket for Maitree Express

Passengers have to collect a ticket from Kamalapur railway station. Before booking tickets, they have to confirm their passport visa. A valid visa and passport must have to be shown in the time of purchasing train tickets. For an Indian visa, the passenger must have to mention “by rail-Gede” while applying for a visa. Likely for Bangladeshi visa they have to mention “By rail-Darshana”. Tickets will be issued after issuing the passport visa. Make sure you must have to book your tickets minimum before 15 days to confirm your preferred seat allowances.

How to book online Maitree express train ticket:

For some drastic incident after the inauguration of Maitree express train service, the online booking system is not open till now. To book the tickets passengers have to go to the counter in a body in both sides. In Bangladesh, they can collect tickets from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station. In India, they can collect from Kolkata railway station.

Here are all the details about Maitree express train services. Furthermore asks comment on the comment box. we will reply to you shortly. Don’t forget to give your feedback.


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