Police need ‘movement pass’ to move outside

Police need ‘movement pass’ to move outside

Police are taking initiative to introduce ‘Movement Pass’ to control the outbreak of coronavirus. By using this pass, the people who are out in case of emergency will be able to move freely.

The police is thinking of implementing such activities in coordination with the ICT department of the police headquarters. However, not everyone is getting this pass if they want to. Only those involved with emergency services will get this facility.

After the application, the pass will be given to the transport of emergency goods, service delivery, traders and employees on the condition of verification and selection.

According to police headquarters, the passes will be given in grocery store shopping, raw market, pharmaceuticals, medicine, jobs, agriculture, transportation and supply of goods, relief distribution, wholesale / retail purchases, tourism, funerals, business and other categories.

In addition, if there is an urgent need to move outside of these categories, they will be passed in the ‘Other’ category subject to consideration.

To collect the pass, go to this website (www.movementpass.police.gov.bd) and register. The applicant’s national identity card, driving license, passport, birth registration, student ID etc. can be used for registration.

He will be allowed to move freely if he is shown the pass if he is questioned by the police outside.

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