The Way to Paradise – An Islamic App Answering Islamic Questions. Which shows a Muslim the right path, worship and the right path. In this app you will find answers to all the questions from Nabiji’s biography. Islam is a perfect religion. Where the solution of all issues is found from the Qur’an and Hadith. This Islamic app is arranged with some common questions and answers of Islam. The app is very important to a Muslim. You can copy any text from the app, copy it through the clipboard and share it on social media. Try the app once as a Muslim

Islamic questions and answers, 
do you  know Islamic general knowledge ?

1 | Which woman will be hung on the Day of Resurrection with a rope around her neck?

2 | Which woman used to offer Jain prayers on the wind?

3 | Kalema does not come in the face of a person at the time of death?

4 | Who memorized the Holy Qur’an in the state of Kafir?

5 | No person is in pain of death?

৬ | One day of fasting is equal to 100 years of jihad?

৭ | For which child will the parents go to hell?

Which three people will not go to Paradise?

9 | In which direction will you burn in hell for 70,000 years if you look at it intentionally?

10 | Whose repentance will not be accepted in the court of God?

11 | Which of the sins of Allah’s servant will not be forgiven?

12 | What is the reason to stay in hell for 2 lakh 8 thousand years?

13 | Where on earth is there a paradise garden?

14. Which Christian’s two hands were burnt to ashes while setting fire to the Holy Qur’an?

15 | Who stood still for 22 years after his death?

You will find answers to thousands of such questions in the Path of Paradise app. I hope you like it. Thank you


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