Downloading videos from YouTube is illegal. So you will not find such software or apps in the Play Store . However, we need to download videos from YouTube for various purposes. Such as: research, critique, educational video for presentation in class, various research videos for later use in teaching, etc. In other words, the use ofdifferent videos is required in the fair use policy.

That’s why today we will share some software to download YouTube videos. These must be used for good. Otherwise the author of Trick Blog BD or Article will not take the responsibility if you are in danger.

Software for downloading videos from YouTube

The two most popular software for downloading videos from YouTube are Vidmate and Videoder. These two software are the most used apps.

Today, the rules for downloading these two software and the rules for downloading videos are shared.

Vidmate or Vitmate or Vidmate

Vidmate is the most popular software for downloading YouTube videos. It is much easier to use. YouTube videos can be easily downloaded through this app.

Vidmate is a video downloading software from YouTube

You can download Vidmate’s official apk software from below.

Download official Vidmate apk

You can easily download YouTube videos through this software.

Videoder software

Another popular YouTube video downloader is Videoder. I personally like this app. With this app you can easily download videos from different media including YouTube, Facebook.

Videoder is a video downloading software from YouTube

The video can be downloaded by copying the link and entering the app. Download the Videoder apk file by clicking the link below.

Download official Videoder apk

What are the uses of YouTube Video Downloader?

Do not use YouTube video downloader for any bad purpose. You can use it for reading, for any honest purpose or for some learning.

Refrain from using anyone’s video commercially without permission. Use these apps for personal use only.

Our next post will give you a complete idea on how to download videos using two video downloading software from YouTube.

Stay tuned to TipsBD to get all such tech related tips and tutorials .


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