In today’s episode we will know what happens if someone is in trouble, how to drive a car?
Need to navigate?
What will happen if someone is harmed on the way? What to do if you see any trouble or object? How much should be kept within the boundaries of the shop?

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Second Haq: Not to hurt anyone

The person standing or sitting on the road should take care not to cause any inconvenience to any passer-by.

Different ways of giving trouble

Standing or sitting in such a way that the traveler suffers. Or throwing tree stumps on the road, burning tires, blocking roads unnecessarily, throwing fruit peels, dirt, leftover food Ñ God forbid ফ throwing picks of drink, throwing away anything that spreads bad smell নানা all are ways of causing trouble. Also, setting up a hawker market on the sidewalk or on the street, which narrows the traffic, also causes trouble.

Extending (store) boundaries is painful

Moving into the street to increase the boundaries of the store, which causes the road to be closed or narrowed. This is also the cause of the trouble of the traveler.

It can be seen in our markets, half inside the shop and half outside on the sidewalk. It seems that the sidewalk shopkeeper’s hawk! But everyone knows it’s not part of the store; Made for buyers, so that travel is easy. But now the sidewalk has become a shop. Many people build houses on the pavement and put shutters to make a market.

Those who do not have shops occupy the sidewalk, park their vans and open their shops. The road becomes narrow. But it is officially banned. We have this situation even though we have the law. Due to this, there is boundless misery in coming and going in the market.

All Muslims are suffering because of disobeying a command. If we understand this right of road and follow it, then our roads will be wide, there will be no difficulty in movement.

The lowest branch of faith

Far from causing trouble by closing the road, if you see something painful on the road, the demand of faith is to remove it, this is the lowest level of faith. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

The faith is the best, the best.

There are more than seventy branches of faith, the best branch is called ‘La-ilaha illallah’, the lowest branch is removing painful objects from the road, and shame is the most important branch of faith. ী Sahih Muslim, Hadith 35

In another tradition, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) advised Hazrat Abu Jarr Ghiffari; There was a piece of advice in it

وَإِمَاطَتُكَ الحَجَرَ وَالشَّوْكَةَ وَالعَظْمَ عَنِ الطَّرِيقِ لَكَ صَدَقَةٌ.

It is also sadaka to remove stones, thorns and bones from the road. Jame Tirmizi, Hadith 1958

The minimum demand of faith for a believer is that when he sees something painful while walking on the road, he will remove it. Maybe he will be saved by this Osila.

Reward for cutting thorny trees from the road

This incident has been narrated in several hadiths, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “I saw a man rolling on the carpet of Paradise (meaning living a happy life in peace and comfort). There was a tree in the path of human movement, which made it difficult to move. This person cut it. (As a result, Allah is pleased and admits him to Paradise.) Sahih Muslim, Hadith 1914

Not because of any big period; On the contrary, there was a thorny tree on the road where people used to travel, and this person cut it down so that the path of the passer-by would be smooth.

How many annoying objects we notice while walking on the streets, but we think it’s the government’s job, they will. Okay they should, but we are Muslims so it is our responsibility too. Because it is a claim of faith.

Harassing people by car parking

Hard work on the road includes parking bicycles, motorbikes and cars. We will not park cars in forbidden places. And where there is permission, I will do it in such a way that other motorists do not suffer. Many times we park in front of someone’s shop in such a way that the shop closes. The customer cannot come or is having trouble coming. I left the car, the shopkeeper could not say anything or was busy with work, then there was trouble. In this way, I will avoid having to park my car on the road.

The right way to drive

Hazrat Dr. Hafizullah Sahib Rah. He said that Mr. Bant was a servant of Mufti Muhammad Hasan. “My daily routine was to drive Mufti Sahib from home to the madrasa and back home,” he said. Once Mufti Sahib asked me, can you drive a car? I was scared to hear the question of the Prophet, what should I answer? I started to think, I bring Hazrat every day, and he says whether I can drive or not! I said in fear, I can do something. You tell me how to drive. “You have to drive in such a way that no human or animal gets hurt,” he said.

Drive in such a way that if the dog and cat pass in front, they do not have any problem.

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