If you want to be a graphic designer you have to do and learn everything. Graphic designers are in high demand in online marketplaces, e-commerce sites and offline. The scope of these sectors is increasing day by day and the demand for graphic designers is also increasing. If you are thinking of starting your career with graphic design work or earning part time as well as work then this article is for you. 

Let’s know what you need to know first to be a graphic designer

I know at the beginning what is graphic design?
The word graphic means drawing or line. The term graphic refers to images whose successful completion depends on the drawing. After understanding the word graphic in a different way, you have to understand the meaning of the word design. The word design means plan or design.

Why become a graphic designer now?
Graphic design is in high demand in the freelancing sector today. Because, suppose you want to make an app, now to make an app, first you have to decide what will be the name of this app, then a logo for this app, what will be the UI / UX design of the app, etc. In a word, to make all the related designs You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. A graphic designer can work online or offline.

How to learn graphics design? 
The decisions that you have to make before you learn graphic design, graphic design is a huge sector. There are many sectors here. So before you learn graphic design you have to decide which sector you will work with which will be better for you. Maybe you work with video editing, or logo banner posters, etc., or you do audio editing.

Now let’s not know what graphic designers do?

Logo Design 
• Banner Design 
• Poster Design 
• Cover Design 
Photo Editing 
• Book Cover Design 
• Today Animation 
• 3D Animation 
• Video Editing 
• Audio Editing etc.

I will not discuss everything today, but I will discuss some common issues today. Assuming the subjects are named above, you want to learn or design any one of these.

Now if you want to do or learn these things or these designs, what do you have to do first?

First of all you need to know what to do with the work or design of these things or through the use of any software. Adobe is the best company in the world for graphics work. They have software for everything. Such as Illustrator for logos / banners / etc, Photoshop for photo editing and Premium Pro After Effects for video editing.

What do you have to do now? 
Simply put, you need to know the workings of Adobe software. In other words, if you want to learn the work of graphics design, you must first know the work of Adobe Photoshop software, then you will also learn the work of all other software. But I would say, if you want to be a successful graphics designer, first learn Photoshop.

Now I have given below the download link of some Adobe software and also told me where to learn from –


Follow this link to learn how to watch video tutorials on YouTube – WATCH VIDEO NOW

You just have to download and install the software off the net or watch the tutorial video to install it. You will get time to download the tutorial video software. Most of Adobe’s software is premium, if you use it for free at the beginning, you will try to buy and use it when you earn money.

In addition to Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe has many other software that are used for different purposes. You can learn them if you want. I have given a list below.

• • Photoshop 
• • Lightroom 
• • Lightroom Classic 
• • Illustrator 
• • Premiere Pro 
• • Premiere Rush 
• • Adobe XD 
• • After Effects 
• • Aero 
• • Adobe Fresco 
• hop Photoshop Express 
• • Dimension 
ver • Dreamwea 

Popular for graphics work are Photoshop / Illustrator / Premier Pro / After Effects / Light Room. If you are a mobile user then Photoshop Express. Every software has a lot of work so if you can learn the work of one or two software professionally then you will get a lot of work on them online or offline. If you want to learn the work of all these softwares online, you just have to go to Google or YouTube and search for the software you want to learn the work of. For example, ADOBE XD FREE TUTORIAL and ADOBE INDESGIN FREE DOWNLOAD for download.

Answers to some common questions

What kind of PC do you need to be a graphics designer? 
Graphics designers inevitably need a high-configuration PC, but you need to decide what you want to do with it. If you want to learn video editing, you must have a good graphics card and they have put the requirements of every software of Adobe on their site. You can see https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs6-system-requirements.html from this link. And use the version you need and go with the PC.

How long does it take to learn graphic design work? 
The answer to this question depends entirely on your talent and time. With the right amount of time and talent, it can take you at least 6 months to learn the basics of graphics. Graphics is a huge sector. It is almost impossible for a designer to finish all the work in this sector, but there is no end to learning.

I don’t have a PC, can I be a graphics designer with mobile? 
No, graphics design is not done with mobile, but you can use canva / pixlab / photoshop express on mobile to do some work.

Where will I work if I become a graphic designer? 
If you can become a graphic designer, there will be no shortage of work space. If you want you can work offline in any company as well as online Fiber / Upwork / Guru / 99 design can work on many sites. Below are some sites from which you can find graphics work.

• • Upwork 
• • Freelancer 
• • Fiverr 
• • 99designs 
• • Toptal 
• • Guru 
• • PeoplePerHour 
• • Dribbble 
• • LinkedIn ProFinder 
• • DesignHill

We often need a lot of resources to learn or do graphic design work, so below are the links to some graphics related sources.

For stock photos:
• stocksnap.io
• pexels.com
• nappy.co
• landingstock.com

For Illustration:
• drawkit.io
• undraw.co
• lukaszadam.com

For free resources:
ঃ Freepik
• Color Lovers
• Subtle Patterns
• Size Marks
• Webydo
• guideguide
• No More Banding
• Make App Icon
• Hexy
• Perfect Effects 3
CG Textures
• WhattheFont!
Rib Fribbble
• Instagram Filters
• Free Lorem Ipsum Generator
• Photoshop Share Plugin
• Social Kit

For icons:
• thenounproject.com
• simpleicons.org
• animaticons.co

For fonts:
• fonts.google.com
• fontfabric.com
• usemodify.com
• fontsquirrel.com
• dafont.com

For Bangla Fonts:
• https://www.freebanglafont.com/
• https://banglafontlibrary.com/en/fonts/

For free
stock videos: • videezy.com
• mixkit.co
• coverr.co

For mockups:
• shotsnapp.com
• screenpeek.io
• mockupsjar.com

To get design ideas:
• httpster.net
• microcopyinspirations.com
• behance.net
• dribbble.com
• inspofinds.com

After learning the job, you can upload different designs to the portfolio of Bihans or Dribble. This will increase the quality of your work and if the quality of work is good, you can also get job offers from there. If you follow all the above properly and learn with concentration for 4/5 months in a row, then you can definitely start your career in this sector as a graphics designer. But remember one thing, while learning to work, don’t think about earning. Try to learn work first, earning will come automatically.


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