Foods to eat to stay healthy in the heat

Foods to eat to stay healthy in the heat

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Summer is different than all other seasons. At this time the sun has the most heat. As a result, various pathogens try to nest in the human body in a favorable environment. And at this time it is necessary to eat more nutritious food. This article highlights some foods to stay healthy in the summer. Fox News reported the matter in a report.

1. Walnuts
Walnuts Almonds are a highly nutritious food. And in the summer, walnuts help boost your body’s immune system. It contains healthy unsaturated fats. It also contains magnesium and omega three fatty acids that help increase serotonin and dopamine levels. These together prevent mental exhaustion and depression. Just one ounce of walnuts contains 10 percent of your daily requirement of magnesium, which can meet a large part of your body’s excess needs.

2. Calli
leaf copy type a vegetable calli. It contains a lot of different types of nutrients. It also contains fewer calories, which are effective in keeping the body healthy. Collie contains copper, which is an essential element for keeping body cells healthy. Copper also improves mood and is also effective for the brain. It also protects against Alzheimer’s, a brain-destroying disease.

3. Fish
Different types of fish contain various nutrients. These protect the body from excess heat in summer and eliminate the body’s need for protein. Fish with omega-3 fatty acids is very beneficial for the brain. Omega 3 enhances short-term memory in the brain and helps to stay healthy and strong.

4. Saffron is not
only a variety of food, spices also meet many needs of the body. One such spice is saffron. It also benefits the brain as it spreads great colors in food. Saffron is commonly used in large quantities in Middle Eastern cuisine. It also eliminates sexual problems in men and women.

5. Yogurt
We know that yogurt contains a lot of calcium. It is an essential ingredient for strong bones and teeth. It also helps to keep people in a good mood. Yogurt is very effective in keeping the head cool in summer. It is also beneficial for digestion. Because yogurt contains a lot of probiotics. In addition, the potassium in yogurt is needed for various functions of the body.

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