Rules for checking and downloading national identity cards

National identity card or smart card is a very important issue for a citizen. It is also known as NID card. Today we will discuss the rules for checking, downloading and correcting national identity cards.

The smart card download system has changed. So we have also updated our post . According to the Smart Card Download Rules 2021, you can download ID cards online.

The NID card download system has been made separate for new voters and old ones. We will currently inform the rules only for new voters i.e. those who have not yet received the ID card. The rest of the system will be updated gradually.

Smart card download

NID card is currently available as a smart card. So today I will tell you the rules for downloading smart cards. Those who have become new voters will be able to take smart cards very easily.

You will be able to use this ID card just like the original ID card. That’s why you should print and wrap it. Smart ID card is the new version of national identity card.

This is how you can check your smart card or ID card. And you can easily understand whether the national identity card is real or fake.

So let’s go, don’t know the simple rule of downloading national identity card.

Rules for downloading National Identity Card

The Election Commission has made some changes in their system. So now the same rule as before, not everyone can download national identity card or smart card. Different rules have been made for everyone.

Smart card download for new voters

This rule only applies to those who have not yet received a voter ID card. If you don’t get NID card, you can easily get new version of NID card smart card in just 2 minutes .

Full video of the rules for downloading ID cards for newcomers – 
Real tech master

First click on this link . Then you will get a page like below. Enter the slip number and date of birth of the voter registration form there. Then enter the captcha and click on the text to see the voter information .

If all goes well, you will get all the information on your ID card. Collect your ID number written in red from here . This will come in handy later.

Find out what is captcha? And why?

Voter Information Collection Form (National Identity Card Check)
Voter Information Collection Form

Then read the notice below carefully.

Who can register for online service !!

If you are a voter, take advantage of this website by registering. Follow the steps below to register – 
1. Complete the registration process by filling in the required information. 
2. Log in with your card information and mobile activation code. 
3. Update the information in the information change form and take a print of it. 
4. Submit a color scanned copy of the required documents online to change the information.

Rules for registration

Hopefully, the notice is over. Then you have to click on this link to complete the registration with the required information. In this case, select your ID number in the 1st cell and your birthday in the 2nd cell. Look at the writings in the 3rd cell and write them down. That means you have to enter captcha.

When entering captcha, uppercase and lowercase letters should be picked up properly. However, then click on submit text.

1st step of registration  National identity card check and download
1st step to registration

The 1st step is completed. Then you will get another page. Fill in the information like the picture below.

  • Select your Division. Rajshahi was selected in the film.
  • Then select your district.
  • Next select your upazila (Upozilla).
  • Click on the next text.
2nd step to registration  Rules for downloading smart cards
The second step to registration

The work of the second stage is also over. Now it’s time to collect OTP with mobile number. The part of your phone number given in the ID card information will show special. In this case you can also change the mobile number if you want.

However, changing the mobile number may cause some delay in getting OTP. To change the number , you have to click on Mobile Change text. We are keeping the previous number in this case. That’s why you have to click on send message .

Send Message (Step 3) |  NID card download
Send Message (Step 3)

The 3rd step is over. You may have to wait a while to get a one time password or OTP. You must not exit the page at this time. After a while you will get a 7 digit OTP number by texting to that mobile number. Enter the number in the blank box and click on the valid text.

OTP text box found in SMS
OTP text box found in SMS (Step 4)

The 4th step also ended. Then you will get another page where you can set the password if you want. Or you can login only with OTP by clicking on the Avoid text. We clicked on the skip text.

Click on Skip Text
Click on Skip Text

Registration completed successfully. Now it’s time to download the national identity card or smart card online copy. So let’s start without delay.

Download smart ID card after registration

On this page you will find the option to download the online copy of the ID card. From there, download the ID card by clicking on the download text. The work is done.

Smart ID card download
Smart ID card download

You will get the smart card in a pdf file. You can print it and use it as a National ID card. See what the ID card will look like.

Sample copy of National ID Card
Sample copy of National ID Card

A screenshot of the online copy of the national identity card was given. Some information was blurred for security. Hope you understand everything. If you have trouble understanding something, please comment.

Note: Enter the correct address at the time of registration. Otherwise the account may be locked.

What can be done with online copy of NID card?

NID card or national identity card is checked and downloaded. With this online ID card , you can open a bank account , register a SIM card and do many other things.

Everything that can be done with a normal ID card can also be done with this online ID card.

If you have difficulty understanding any of these rules for checking national identity cards, please comment.

Click here to know some common questions about National Identity Card. This will help you a lot.

National Identity Card Amendment

Many times different information comes wrong on the ID card. It often happens in a hurry or under the work pressure of the staff. Everything is wrong. But for this we have to go through a lot of trouble.

But we can easily amend the national identity card if we want. I can correct the mistakes that I have. But how?

Download the National Identity Card Correction Form below. This is a pdf file.

Sample of National Identity Card Amendment Form
Sample of National Identity Card Amendment Form

Read the instructions on the form carefully. Then fill the form with the current information and revised information in the NID card.

After filling it properly, submit the form to your upazila office. Ask them out well if they are no longer absorbed in the connection.

The helpline of the Election Commission in case of any problem

Contact the Election Commission’s helpline if you have problems downloading ID cards, incorrect information, or registering online. Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

E-mail: [email protected]
Helpline :  105 and + 8801708-501261 
Contact time: Sun-Thursday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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