Domain names are very important for an online organization. This domain serves as the brand name of that company. So there are some things to keep in mind before buying or registering a domain. Let’s find out.

Before going into the main discussion we need to know what is a domain? How does it work? Why is this so important?

What is a domain?

In a word, domain is the name or identity of your website. Any website can be easily found from the domain name. E.g.

The domain has 2 parts. One name and the other domain extension. TrickBlogBd is the domain name and .com is the domain extension. A domain with these two parts.

Domains are like human names. We know him by the name of a man. Similarly, by looking at the domain, we know a company or business. But there are some differences. That is, even if there are many people with the same name in the world, there is only one domain name in the world.

For example, your mobile number. If you call your number, only your phone will call. Phone will not go to any other mobile. This means that there is no other number in the world that matches your number.

Domain name is a unique name. Which helps you find your website on the Internet. Domain means space. That means it gives your company a place on the internet.

Each website has a specific IP address. IP is the Internet protocol. E.g. is an IP address. You can browse your website by typing this IP address in the browser.

However, remembering the IP address is very difficult. So the domain name is used instead of the IP address. This makes it easier for visitors to remember the name of the site.

After reading the above articles, you must have understood how important a domain name is. So you have to be careful before buying or registering a domain. In this case, some things must be kept in mind.

What to do before buying a domain for domain marketers

Those who do domain marketing need to be doubly cautious. Because if you can’t buy the right domain, you can’t sell it. Then you may have to lose a lot of money.

So I will tell the domain marketers that you will buy the domain after taking a good look. If necessary, buy a domain after one month of analysis.

Things to do before buying a domain

Below are the things to do before buying a domain one by one. Read them carefully.

  • Use correct spelling
  • Select the appropriate extension
  • Check the trade mark
  • Avoid blacklisted domains
  • Verify domain price
  • Buy domains from trusted media
  • See domain history
  • Buy a domain with the right information
  • Choose a domain with as few characters as possible
  • Find out if the domain will give full control panel
Things to do before buying a domain

Use correct spelling

First, choose a domain name that matches your company, business, or service name. Be sure to choose the correct spelling before buying a domain. Because, if your company or business buys a domain with wrong spelling, buyers or visitors will be confused. Many people will fail to get into your website with the correct spelling. By doing this you will lose a very large number of customers.

And if you are a domain marketer, then you will lose a lot. Suppose Grameenphone is the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. The correct English spelling of Grameenphone. You may have already purchased the domain.

So at some point Grameenphone company will buy the domain from you. Because, this domain matches their business and they need the domain more than anyone else. They will buy it even if it is worth crores of rupees.

But what if you bought instead of If you notice, you will see that the spelling of Grameenphone is wrong here. So Grameenphone will never buy this misspelled domain. And you will lose a lot of money.

So whether it is for your own company or for the domain business, you must buy a domain with the correct spelling.

Select the appropriate extension

Extensions must be properly selected when purchasing a domain. Select the extension to match the category of the website. Such as: .com if it is a commercial website, .net if it is related to internet, .city if it is related to a city, .org if it is a website of an organization, .info if it is an informative website, .news if it is a news website, .store if it is a store website etc.

Buying a domain with a suitable extension increases its value a lot. But keep in mind that the most common and widely popular extension is .com.

Check the trade mark

Check the trademark of the domain you prefer. Remember, the domain should not be in trouble with any kind of trademark. If you trademark, you may lose the domain in the future.

Because, if any name or logo associated with your domain is trademarked, you do not own it. The person or trademark is the actual owner of this domain. Even if you buy the domain now, they can take it to the legal process. That means you will be in danger.

For example, the name Facebook is trademarked by Facebook. If you register a domain related to Facebook, the Facebook authorities can take it away if they want.

In this case you can’t take, etc. domains. Because, they have the word Facebook and this name is trademarked. So it is illegal for anyone to use this name without the authority of Facebook.

So verify the trademark before buying the domain. In this case, you can use the website to verify the trademark . Go to this site and search to see if your preferred name is trademarked.

Avoid blacklisted domains

Before buying a domain, make sure it is blacklisted. Google, Facebook, etc. are often blacklisted or blocked due to spam of different domain names.

If blacklisted, no link to that domain can be shared on Facebook. Moreover, if Google had been blocked, it would have ended completely. You will not receive any visitors from Google. And if you don’t get visitors from Google, your income can be reduced by 50-90%.

So before registering the domain, you must check whether it is blacklisted or not. Otherwise you will get in trouble. In this case, you  can check if the domain is blacklisted on Facebook by clickinghere.

Verify domain price

Domain prices vary from registrar and domain hosting company. So before buying a domain, find out the price of the domain from the sites of different registrars.

If the price is low, do not rush to register. At the same time keep other things in mind. Find out if the full control panel will give.

See domain history

Before buying a domain, check its history. Because, someone else may have bought this domain before you bought it. Someone may have bought the same domain in 2000 and run it for 2-3 years, then may not renew it. Now maybe you are buying it again.

Older domains have a different value But in this case we need to be careful. Many domains have higher spam scores (ss) . Which will put you behind in SEO. Moreover, the domain may be blacklisted.

So before registering the domain, you must check its history. You can also take a look at the SEO score. You can view the history of the domain through website.

This will allow you to see if anyone has purchased the domain before. Moreover, if it has happened, you will be able to see when it happened.

Choose a domain with as few characters as possible

Try to keep the domain name as short as possible. Because, the shorter the name, the easier it will be for people to remember. Moreover, typing short names in the browser is relatively easy and comfortable.

But remember, shortening doesn’t mean taking meaningless names. Register the semantic name matching the name of the company or service. The name and meaning can be kept as short as possible.

Buy a domain with the right information

When registering a domain name, you must provide your correct name and information. Providing incorrect information may result in cancellation of your domain registration by ICANN . In this case you will be in big trouble.

And if you give the correct information to the domain, you will be legally considered the owner of the domain. The chances of getting into any trouble other than the trade mark will be reduced.

Buy domains from trusted media

You don’t have to buy a domain. Of course, before you buy a domain, find out from whom you are buying it. There is no shortage of resellers in Bangladesh. Remember, the domain control agency is ICANN. They control all domains.

ICANN only allows registrar companies to register domains. Registered companies are required to comply with ICANN guidelines. So you are completely safe if you take the domain from them. They will not cheat you, they will not want to lose their license for a small domain.

Read more: Top 10 domain registrar companies in the world

So before buying a domain, try to buy from a registrar company. We are recommending it. There are different registrar companies. Such as: Epic, Godaddy, Dynadot, Inovadas etc.

However, in terms of service, Epik is at another level. Epic is an international organization. However, many countries in the world have their country managers. Dollars can be loaded in a variety of ways from the country manager . So you can buy a domain by loading dollars through development.

Remember, Epic will give you full control of the domain. Full control of this domain is discussed below.

Sumon, Country Manager of Epic Bangladesh . If you contact him on Facebook, he will cooperate fully. Click here to view and purchase domain prizes from Epic .

There are also some hosting companies. They resell domains from registrars. These are the ones who basically cheat with customers. Once your domain is a little popular, they grab it with various excuses. And that domain sells at a high price in the international domain market.

But remember, not all resellers are bad. The amount of bad resellers is much less. Because of them, honest resellers are becoming partners in notoriety.

When you see Whois information, you can understand who is the main registrar of a domain. But the name of the reseller will not be shown there. Only the registrar will show the name of the company. Because, resellers have nothing to do with ICANN. They only keep the information of the registrar company.

So our advice would be to buy the domain directly from the registrar company. This is the safest for you.

Find out if the domain will give full control panel

The most important thing is this. Before buying a domain, make sure that those from whom you are buying the domain will give you full control. Because without flower control you can do nothing without their intervention.

Not everyone knows that after 60 days of domain registration, you can transfer the domain from the current registrar to another registrar company if you wish.

Changing the domain registrar requires an EPP code. You will not receive the EPP code unless you have full control. And you can’t transfer that domain to another company.

That means you will be stuck with them forever. They will make you dance like a doll. Even if the price of the domain increases, you have to renew at that price. There is nothing to do. Even if the service is bad, you have to stay in this company. No more trouble like this

So of course buy domains from those who will give full control of the domain. Wherever you want you can transfer the domain at any time and change the DNS.

Hopefully, this article will help you to buy a domain at least a little bit. If you like the article, you must know by commenting. Don’t forget to comment even if it’s bad. Remember, we lose our enthusiasm if you don’t comment.


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