Admission process is starting in all government secondary schools of the country from today. Admission process will continue from Tuesday 15th December to 26th December. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the current year, schools will not distribute admission forms directly . Applications for admission can be made through . Students will be selected through lottery for admission on December 30.

A detailed notification of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) in this regard has been mentioned in the notification on Monday 14th December. Forms can be filled and detailed information regarding admission fee.

Earlier, there were 39 government secondary schools in Dhaka metropolis and they had 3 branches. This time, two more schools have been added due to nationalization.

Any student can list 5 schools of any group in his / her preferred list. And from this selection list any one school will be selected for that student through lottery. Previously students could choose only one school of any group for admission.

All the information related to the application can be found at this link: Admission to Government Secondary School


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