He opened his own official channel on YouTube, the popular Islamic speaker ajaharigata Mizanur Rahman on December 19 at 6pm in the 36th minute with his verified Facebook pageMizanur Rahman ajahari wrote,

Alhamdulillah .. 
Finally my official YouTube channel named “Mizanur Rahman Azhari” was created. The YouTube channel has been named in keeping with the name of my Facebook page. Subscribe and share. Thanks. Link to the channel : Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Before him, on December 12, at 6:56 pm Bangladesh time, he made a post on his page about the YouTube channel;

Alhamdulillah .. My last status regarding the official YouTube channel has received more than sixty thousand comments. I have tried to read almost all the significant comments. Subhan Allah! Your excellent and constructive suggestions have made me emotional. Sincere thanks for these wonderful suggestions. May Allah Tayala give you all a good reward. We will try to keep in mind the beautiful suggestions given by you InshaAllah.

All the decisions I have already made about the upcoming channel:

1- Probably the channel named “Mizanur Rahman Azhari” will start its journey. Once the channel is created, you will be notified shortly of the channel’s actual name and channel link.

2- The channel will not be monetized and there will be no AdSense. As a result, there will be no ad show in the middle of the discussion, which is annoying and distracting to the audience. [However, I hear that according to the new rules of YouTube, monetization may be introduced from next year, in addition to showing ads. In that case, we will take action according to the situation.]

3- The channel will be used only for conducting da’wah activities.

4- The experimental broadcast will start from January with some thematic discussions and questions and answers. We hope to start the series from February.

5- Some of the YouTuber brothers who are recording the mahfil have massaged and asked: “Then from now on we will not have the opportunity to record any of your discussions in the country”?

InshaAllah, if Allah Ta’ala gives this insignificant slave a chance to come to the country and speak again, you will also get a chance to record. However, it must be in accordance with the rules, professional manners and only those who will work for the purpose of da’wah. And, despite repeated warnings, uploading videos with various obscene, indecent, inconsistent and disrespectful thumbnails, I will say only one thing to those who are polluting this fertile ground of propagating the religion: do not waste the eternal hereafter by earning the fleeting world. 
May Allah guide us all to the path of His satisfaction. Amen.

Let’s Work for Islam in a Professional Manner.

As of the writing of this report on December 21, 2020, the number of subscribers of Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s official YouTube channel was 241,000 and it has been steadily increasing. A thousand times.

All the information in this article has been collected from Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s official Facebook page and Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s official YouTube channel .


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