Before you know how to increase the organic richness of your page, let’s find out what you should avoid: –

Don’t auto do everything

Facebook is a social media so along with scheduling your blog post, also give pictures of your team, your workplace, your business processing.

Don’t post all promotional posts

Some do social posts, famous domestic and foreign marketers say to follow 80-20 rules, if we post 20% sales, the remaining 80% will be social posts.

Don’t buy fake likes

There are many offers of 5000 likes for 5 dollars on Facebook, if you buy those likes, the loss will be more than the profit of your page. What’s the harm? The likes you have bought will not go to your page and the engagement will be less but the page likes are more, is it very difficult for Facebook to catch?

Now let’s see how you can increase the organic or free reach of your page post?

– Highlight your presence and authority

You may be wondering “Like my page is coming but why is Rich declining? So you have to think more here, you have to think why is this happening? This is when you cannot create a brand authority. Can’t create your value.

Remember that page quality does not mean page like. Many people can get 200 likes on a post of 10 thousand likes but many people don’t get even 10 likes on 1 million page likes, I think you understand the issues. So benefit your followers through various social posts, show your credibility, prove you are, someone order If you do, don’t run away without the product.

Page-like ads are made by targeting a lot more

– In this case you have to rely on quality from quantity, I gave an example a while ago on this, so analyze your product and understand who your buyers might be and bring the likes of the page accordingly. And there are many people who have liked your post, who have not liked your page, invite them to like your page, it will come in handy.

Post when your competitors are asleep

It’s really hard to say something specific about time, it depends, but there are some things you keep in mind

– Your location and the audience 
– your audience profile (age, interests, profession, etc.) 
– What types of content making you 
– can help you to schedule posts Options pm

Coschedule says there is a good response to the post from 1pm to 4pm. They have divided the day again and said some time

Saturday and Sunday – 12 noon to 1 pm 
Thursday and Friday 1 pm to 4 pm 

Take a look at your Audience Insight to see when your post gets more rich, the response is good.

In addition to this article, I have a book called “Facebook Marketing” with several other articles. If you are interested, you can inbox me. Most of the writing is to give entrepreneurs an idea about Facebook marketing so that they can do a lot on their own.

Check with different numbers of posts

There are some people who post 20 to 25 hours a day which should not be done at all, as a result of which the richness and engagement decreases. There is a basic rule that you post 1 to 3 hours a day, but the rules are sometimes broken By the way, you have to guess about the time and when more people related to your product or service can be online. You have Page Insight with you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the post is not bad when giving more posts on the page.

Partner with another page

You only sell sari, another one shoes, you are not a competitor but one e-line, so you can share each other’s posts, tag them, here is the benefit of both parties, I don’t know why it is so rare in our country But it should be done, and your page likes 1 thousand, companies and new so contact with those who are new like you, brand new may not work with a big brand . Wrote: Md. Ariful Islam


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