Not all Facebook pages are the same, you can understand that by looking at 10-12 Facebook pages. And it’s not easy for you to easily make your page attractive to someone and someone will buy a product or service from your page. So it is very important to know that with all the elements you will make your page attractive, it is more important to know why a Facebook business page fails. Let’s find out.

1. You do not post regularly

Continuity is the basis of Facebook marketing (not just Facebook marketing but all marketing e). Once your page’s followers like your page’s content, they’ll want to see your posts on their newsfeed on a regular basis. And if you post one or two posts a week, your followers will be disappointed. So you have to try to put at least 1 post per day on your page.

2. Lack of human touch on your page

Another major reason for the failure of F-Commerce business is that Facebook posts focus more on the product than the people and become completely detached from the people, nothing can be seen on those pages without sales, discounts, offers. It is very important for a buyer to know why he will buy something from you or why he will take the service. Keep in mind that Facebook is a social media, not a poster or leaflet, so your behavior here should also be social. 
Where everything is constantly changing, a brand is formed from the love and heart of the people and that is what really lasts a long time, because their foundation is very strong because it was marketed by the people themselves before any ad campaign.

3. You are not using 3-Geared Approach in your content

Content marketing (a component of Facebook marketing) is a very powerful tool in terms of quality traffic and lead generation. It is a very popular saying “Content is king”. The challenge is to have quality, original and regular content and to reach out to your offspring. 
Thinking about entrepreneurs, I have written a book on Facebook marketing called “Facebook Marketing” from 2016. If you are interested, you can inbox me.

What is 3-Geared Approach?

Entertain- People don’t go around on Facebook with the goal of buying something, they go around and decide if they like something or not. So, first of all, it is important to attract your buyers, not through cell posts, but in various ways, and those who can’t do it are failing.

Educate- Someone wants to know about the thing before buying something, different questions come to his mind, so before offering a product or service, answer those questions, inform people about the product service in different ways.

Excite- In Facebook post you have to give different offers and discounts on products and services, it is called Exciting content. You will see for yourself that with the same product or service offer and with the offer, with two post pages, which is the best response.

4. Your post doesn’t look original, or you make a duplicate post

Each brand has different personalities, characteristics, etc. that set them apart from others, through which people can recognize them. People are more attracted to brands that express what they are and how they want to make an impact in people’s lives.

Giving a piece of content that is available on your page means you have lost your identity and it only happens when a company assigns the responsibility of running their page, creating content and even allowing them to run their page without any guidelines. A company must do work from others but it has to be like that company, an outsider will not understand you better than yourself.

5. You may not know your target audience completely

Planning to create content without knowing who your clients are is a big mistake in marketing, your main client is 20-35 you plan to create content for people aged 40-55, this is just an example, you have to start with age to understand your target audience. Then come on, what area do they live in, what is their family situation like, where can they study or work, maybe they do business etc., you have to have an idea about their lifestyle, otherwise you will stumble in content and ad targeting. . This way you know who your customers are. Then you have to think about what they want to buy, what their problem is, what kind of solution they want, how much money they can spend on it. You have to post on your Facebook page.

6. You ignore comments and messages on your page

Facebook is a means of communication, much like email or phone, a game changer that provides customer care services through social media, but if you don’t monitor it properly, your business will be threatened if you don’t reply to messages.

It’s a psychological thing for a person, if you ignore someone, he won’t like it, he may not reply because he doesn’t think the message is important to you, but he will feel humiliated if he doesn’t get the answer. Maybe he gave an unimportant message today but he could give an important message tomorrow. And if you want to take advantage of the competition, you win his heart before someone else answers his “unimportant” message.

7. You can’t use the power of Facebook ads just like that

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms in the market because of their ad system. A business page fails because they don’t know how to advertise properly or don’t advertise at all. You will do a lot of organic marketing on Facebook page in the same way as it is true. It is not possible to do business on Facebook without Facebook paid promotion, why, because you Without ads, many people will not be able to reach your business. So you have to add and add in the right way. The right way to add

– Decide which ad object you want to add according to your business 
– Knowing your target audience is just as important as creating content for Facebook ad targeting 
– Make sure your ad creatives (images, videos) are quality 
– Two one Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get good results with ads.

8. You are not analyzing your results

If you don’t keep an account of something, it becomes difficult to manage, it is just important to keep an account in almost all places of life in marketing. Companies that don’t review their results keep making mistakes and they don’t even know what they’re doing wrong.

Insights from Facebook Insights, Page Insights or Ad Manager from where you can see the overall Insights of Facebook is a great tool to see the results of your business. Make it your best friend because it will make you feel like your best friend. Here you can see the results of both paid and organic day based, month, year ranges like your own. And the result analysis will give you

– You can give your followers something better – You 
can decide what kind of content is better by looking at the results. 
– Understand if you have reached your goal 
– Set your next plan nicely.

If you do not get the results you expected then go to your page with this article, find out where you are doing wrong and where you need to improve more then work where you need to work, remember a small mistake is a big problem Maybe . Wrote:  Md. Ariful Islam


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